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#prayforParis by michaelis1357 #prayforParis :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 2 0 Deja's hand by michaelis1357 Deja's hand :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 random sketch by michaelis1357 random sketch :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 mad hatter pt. 2 by michaelis1357 mad hatter pt. 2 :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 4 3 oli sykes by michaelis1357 oli sykes :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 1d tattoos by michaelis1357 1d tattoos :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 2 0 1d by michaelis1357 1d :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 3 framing hanley  by michaelis1357 framing hanley :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 1 0 mad hatter pt 1 by michaelis1357 mad hatter pt 1 :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 fireworks by michaelis1357 fireworks :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 ddlj: raj  simran by michaelis1357 ddlj: raj simran :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 kAnEkI kEn by michaelis1357 kAnEkI kEn :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 2 0 robin -young justice by michaelis1357 robin -young justice :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 3 0 Levi :) by michaelis1357 Levi :) :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 2 0 Sebastian Michaelis by michaelis1357 Sebastian Michaelis :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 0 0 Levi Ackerman by michaelis1357 Levi Ackerman :iconmichaelis1357:michaelis1357 1 0


Profile Discussion
The DeviantArt Timeline entries from the past few months have discussed how we’re focusing on user experience for DeviantArt and ways to make the site more intuitive. In this journal, we'd like to kick off a discussion on another big design-related milestone: to improve the profile experience on the site, mobile web, and mobile apps.

The DeviantArt Timeline entries from the past few months have discussed how we’re focusing on user experience for DeviantArt and ways to make the site more intuitive. In this journal, we'd like to kick off a discussion on another big design-related milestone: to improve the profile experience on the site, mobile web, and mobile apps.
A lot has changed since the last time profiles were redesigned, and we have a number of interesting design challenges and objectives this time around.
At the fore
:iconheidi:Heidi 965 1,984
9. Kajol by VelkokneznaMaria 9. Kajol :iconvelkokneznamaria:VelkokneznaMaria 43 14 Simran Aur Raj by Poison-Ivy-Alice Simran Aur Raj :iconpoison-ivy-alice:Poison-Ivy-Alice 13 2 Shahrukh khan kajol Dilwale drawing by Meminagul Shahrukh khan kajol Dilwale drawing :iconmeminagul:Meminagul 3 0 Dilwale Shahrukh khan Kajol drawing by Meminagul Dilwale Shahrukh khan Kajol drawing :iconmeminagul:Meminagul 3 0
Words [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader)
~Listen while reading [link]~
If listening with headphones: use both buds or you'll experience sound problems
Always in a rush
Never stay on the phone long enough

Why am I so self-important?
    "What do you want?" He answered, disinterest in his voice. 
    "I just wanted to know what time you are coming home today!" The sweet voice replied, making him roll his eyes in disgust. 
     "I'm not coming home tonight," He sneered, "Now if you are done wasting my time, I have to get back to work." 
    "Sorry, I'll see you later Levi." She apologized, and hung up.
    Levi sighed, tossing his phone on the desk in front of him. Running a hand through his hair, he glanced back at the woman who had his attention moments before getting disrupted by his nosy fiance.
    "Why don't you just break up with her?" The brunette pout
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 425 73
Little Do You Know [AU] (Cheater!Levi x Reader)
~Listen to song while reading [link]~
Little do you know
How I'm breaking while you fall asleep

     The loud noise of rain hammered against the window, blaring out the thoughts of the small [h/c] haired woman. She laid on the far side of the bed, distancing herself from the man on the other side of the mattress. She was still wide awake, silently sobbing in the storm of the night. It took all of her will to not cry out loud. Part of her wished he was still awake, so he could see how she was hurting, and comfort her. The other part of her wanted nothing to do with him, she wanted to get as far away from the deceitful man who left their relationship hanging by a thread. Often she wondered why she stayed with him, after all he had done to their relationship, it was enough for any normal person to leave.
Little do you know
I'm still haunted by the memories

:iconroyaldere:royaldere 306 65
Pray. by MateuszPisarski Pray. :iconmateuszpisarski:MateuszPisarski 4,088 984 Hijabi Mikasa Doodles by SirImran Hijabi Mikasa Doodles :iconsirimran:SirImran 24 5
The First Bridge
If not for her hijab I probably would not talked to her.  Being just another art student she was nothing special.  To ask another artist about their work is to enter a canyon.  To say salaam is to make a bridge.  Art is divergent.  Islam is convergent.  It would be her choice to pass me on a bridge of words surreal coming from me, an all-American white boy, even more because I said them in Arabic rather than English.  As-salaam alaikum.  Peace be upon you.  Certainly better than, "What up?" followed by possible reply of, "Allah!"  Peace is visible.  Allah is not.  Artists are visual to a fault.  It is our sin, it is our flaw, but it is also our gift.  To add to Allah's creation in a way many cannot.  When others cry we paint!  When others laugh we draw!  Our feelings crystalized into gifts for our fellow man.
While others would have a first kiss, a grotesque swapping of spit; we had a first critique, an articulate swapping of artistic thought.  From there we talked and walked, went to
:iconlostgnosis:LOSTgnosis 11 12
Hijabi Styles by mcpagal Hijabi Styles :iconmcpagal:mcpagal 41 24
THE CHOICE: "The veil means nothing if it is imposed by law rather than personal choice.  It is no longer about modesty but uniform.  Once it is uniform it becomes about absurdity rather than discretion.  A single strand of hair can become pornographic.  Sincerity is sadly lost.
THE LAW: "If anything the legal enforcement of the veil guarantees sincerity.  It makes it so no frivolous sight of a sister more intimate person is seen as easily as a public street.  Like the virgin who saves the breaking of her seal for her husband the legal enforcement of the veil makes for the elements of person it covers elevated in honor."
THE CHOICE: "Honor is to be like the moon rather than the stars.  Among only lights radiance has no distinction for one lacks contrast to distinguish it as good.  Even the excrement of a dog can be uniform."
THE LAW: "You forget that the light of the moon much like the waste of the dog cannot exist without nourishment of sunlight
:iconlostgnosis:LOSTgnosis 13 3
Hijabis Beauty by Mari945 Hijabis Beauty :iconmari945:Mari945 151 30 Priyanka Chopra's Anarkali Suit by MANISH MALHOTRA by FashionARTventures Priyanka Chopra's Anarkali Suit by MANISH MALHOTRA :iconfashionartventures:FashionARTventures 203 13
The 5 bullshit myths of concept art.
Concept art is getting bigger and bigger. More people know what it is nowadays, it gets shown in the media more often and more books get released. This automatically results into more people wanting to become concept artists. So many artschools are now creating special courses all towards game art or concept art. (Game art can also include UI design, 3D modeling etc.).
Yet it is a fairly new thing to most people and the idea of "becoming a concept artist" has grown rapidly over such a short time that a lot of people who are new to it seem to get a lot of misguide info. I am going to try to list this misguided info and direct you to the correct info.
(Again I would always advise you to do your own research and form your own knowledge and not just simply agree with what you read online, not from anyone, not from me. Even though i'm right ;) .. ofcourse. :P *wink *wink )
:iconsuzanne-helmigh:Suzanne-Helmigh 2,082 505
MIKASA by NewMilky MIKASA :iconnewmilky:NewMilky 3,493 116



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Um, I really like to draw. Except I rarely draw stuff from my head- I believe I lack creativity. I draw stuff off my phone. And occasionally, I write stuff. Fanfics or original things. It depends on my mood. If you're feeling like shit and need someone to talk to I'm here...

If you're racist or any if that sort I say this in the most respective way I can. Get the hell off my page.

there. Um I'm a practicing Sunni Muslim. Thing is, I don't know that much details about the customs and stuff. Like the Fatwas and yea. I'm trying to learn all the things but I don't even know Arabic so bare with me and don't think that I'm a hypocrite.

that's it for now. Bye 😉


Assalaam Walaikum (sorry if I spelled it wrong) Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!! May your days of this Holy Month not be too difficult Inshallah. I'll keep you all in my duas. Have a wonderful dayy!!


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